Valuable Mobile App Marketing Tips

There’s no question about it, mobile phone applications certainly are a huge business (Especiallyknowing how you can effectively market one). If you think about it, mobile app marketingis a real little like every other online marketing. Where you want a great Appin the first place and a Guide to Promoting Your Mobile App a surefirechecklist that will ensure you will find the greatest success probability. But weget ahead of ourselves. To understand mobile App marketing, you shouldunderstand certain things, Mobile Phone Applications and those who rely on them. That beingsaid, listed here is a usable guide towards mobile App promotion that will come inhandy when you finally plan to play for some money.

Picking A Niche To Construct A Mobile App Around

Remember when we said there’s 2 stuff you necessary to know if you were goingto actually promote your mobile App? (Mobile Phone Applications and those who usethem). This is actually the part where you merge the above things. Deciding on a niche todevelop a mobile App around is among the simplest, yet most complicated steps tocreating an App that will sell.

Around you will find untold thousands of niches that could use mobileApps, not every niche presents a sensible industry for your every single day App. That isuntil you build a completely unique App which is both easy to use and veryuseful.

You should be original. There are untold thousands of Apps on the markettoday, most of which do exactly the same thing. Customers hate redundancy. Originalityis essential. However , you aren’t one inside your niche tryingto create a distinctive Mobile App idea. When it comes to it, you are going tofind that it’s the one who creates the App first and who does an awesomejob of advertising it that will get the price. That is where Zapable also comes in. Therewas an occasion when mobile App production would have been a nightmare. It took ages plus aplethora of programmers to create an App that could barely make itthrough Beta testing, let alone sell. Though Zapable today, you are able to buildyour own App with practically no technical skills whatsoever. Furthermore is always thatthe disposable tools make it so you can build an App that ‘humans’ can identifywith. Unless it can be easy to use, there is absolutely no point.

Look for a gap in the niche you are enthusiastic about, make a solution andtransform that into an App using Zapable. Next, all that’s left would be todress up so you can effectively market it.

Mobile App Store Optimization

Mobile App Store Optimization is centered on icons, categorization, reviews,downloads and keywords. These are all facets that must be perfect. Forstarters, if your icon just isn’t attractive enough, you will recognize that people tendnot to consider your App. Your icon is how everyone will see your App and also byextension, your brand. Design a panoramic App. The one that is sensible andstands out. Never, offered a symbol that is not absolutely stunning. Let no onelie to you, humans are highly visual creatures. We have a tendency to gravitatetowards the best looking and fascinating things.

Your categorization and keyword use may also play a huge role how peoplefind your App. Be sure that your App falls from the appropriate category. Ifyou might be designing something for ‘Health and fitness’, categorizing it from the’Financial’ side will not likely does one any favors.

Additionally you has to be careful with the use of keywords. Apple and Google App storesare very interested in this you may use your keywords sparingly and wisely. Makecertain that your keyword features within your App name. This makes it easier to findthrough organic traffic.

Marketing Your Mobile Application On Facebook

Marketing through social media platforms for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand the rest is perhaps just about the most effective avenues you can employ.Facebook is the one place that people check out freely talk and share their opinionabout certain topics that interest them. It is usually an awesome platform foryou since you do have a large amount of ‘digital real estate’ to work with. On Facebook,you are able to ‘tell all’ about your App. This is how you are able to give people an awarenesson the ins and outs, answer there concerns and questions in addition to showcasebrilliant images connected with your App.

Screenshots certainly are a big way to help familiarize themselves along with your App.Go ahead and walk people car App via screenshots. Engage youraudience by talking to them and even perhaps offering free trials for your Appand encourage reviews. This will not only raise your download rate and alsoraise your credibility based on reviews that are positive. What you ought to understandis always that individuals have a predominant ‘group mentality’ kind of thinking.Particularly those who obtain buyer advice from Facebook. The more activityyour page has, the greater people will be considering buying to your App ifjust to tell their friends they downloaded it.

However, one things is certain, all of the mobile App marketing on the globe willdoes one absolutely no good if your App does not work or is stuffed with bugs. Yourequire an App which goes above and beyond your clienteles expectation. This issizzling hot you will get those wonderful reviews, those crazy download rates,updates and renewals. Should your App does not work, do not bother employing itindustry. The best choice is to find an App builder that produces the entire Appbuilding process very easy and one that gives great tech support to ensure thatyou may not launch an App which is doomed in the first place. Zapable is the worldseasiest to use App builder. It really is effective, fast and best of all, it functions.That is exactly what you should succeed.

Why you need a musicvideo

The Art of Making a good musicvideo

Music video production house owned by Dutch video director  Zeno Groenewegen is one of the leading music video directors in the Netherlands.

In the last 25 years, the invigorating art form of making a music video has grown to be one of the most influential and individually stylistic modes of production in the industry. From the first frame to the last,  Music video serve as a blank canvas to your mind’s eye, a place to show the world what you can really do when let loose with a camera. But, if you let your creative juices drown your common sense approach to production, your music video masterpiece could wind up a public-access catastrophe.

What is a  Music video production?

Despite all of the artistic freedom involved in shooting a music video , the end result still has to serve one purpose: promotion. The music video is a promotional tool for the artist. It sometimes serves as a conduit to attention from a label, but more often it is a catalyst for CD sales or artist song downloads. While a hit video can do a lot for you as a musicvideo director its primary goal is to serve the music artist.

Making a Music Video: The Treatment

The first step in making your music video is the treatment. In the world of music labels, directors typically are contacted and asked to develop a concept or a treatment for the video, based on the message or the mood of the song. This step is often a crap shoot. It’s where jobs are won and lost. Often the best concept is not the one that wins the job. Most of the time it’s the concept that fits into the allotted budget for the project. In the Netherlands these days budgets for music video’s, in Dutch are quite low due to limited possibilities of getting airtime (not much music video stations anymore) and due to the fact music downloads do not generate much income, so less budget to spent.

But working with small budgets will allow you, as a director, to take the focus off the glitz typically associated with the MTV set and allow you to make the artist the star.

Watch music video samples created by 

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The Best SEO Software, Guaranteed !

One of the best great things about using a website is the fact you will be able to accomplish Online marketing. Internet marketing is the marketing of offerings over the Internet through such methods as Google AdWords, article marketing, banners, internet affiliate marketing, and many others. Internet marketing is advantageous over traditional marketing in that you are able to arrive at additional people considering that the Internet doesn’t have regional or geographic boarders, and you really are able to market at a fraction of the advertising costs.

Your Online marketing campaign will likely be boosted greatly utilizing the best SEO software. SEO software is software providing you with for automation of one’s different SEO campaigns. Good SEO software will give you automation for RSS Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submissions, Pinging and check Engine Submissions. The automation will help your Internet strategy for the reason that this means you do not need to dedicate lots of manpower to the campaign, meaning you can spend less.

The best SEO software can help you build inbound links. Back links are important because Google and lots of the other major search engines use link popularity to determine ranking in search engine pages. The building of back-links, as well as other seo (SEO) techniques is essential simply because they result in increased ranking in search engine results pages or SERPs. The raised ranking means your ads will be exposed to lots more people and your advertising campaign is therefore, prone to work.

While using best SEO software means you will be able to accomplish keyword tracking. Keyword tracking is important in that you’ll be able to get the best keywords that will lead to a targeted traffic. Advertising, targeted traffic is very important because it means quality traffic instead of quantity traffic.

The best SEO software will come with tracking tools. These are important because you will understand what your competitors do. Tracking allows one to gauge the way your Internet marketing is doing to help you take the essential action such as improving your game or altering your marketing strategy. Monitoring also allows you to be around the loop as to what prospective customers want. The frequent updates that you receive with the best SEO software mean you will be able to compete effectively, even with larger competitors.

Another advantage of employing the very best SEO software in Internet marketing is the fact you get to take a look at the software – 2 weeks is the industry standard with good software programs. Each day gauge the effectiveness of the SEO software you select. Most SEO companies offer these software for download and you can expect to get 24/7 customer service.

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Serko and Intelligent Travel Announce New Online Travel Risk Management Solution

Traditionally, business travel and risk management professionals have experienced to interact 3rd party providers or downstream workflow solutions so that you can integrate their business travel bookings, management and administration. This process encouraged duplication, increased costs and insufficient utility by their business travellers as a result of insufficient integration. Serko and Intelligent Travel have announced an answer to this traditional problem.

“We can now capture and evaluate every traveller, journey, destination and activity during enquiry or booking” says Tony Ridley, CEO at Intelligent Travel. “By integrating with one of the leading online booking and travel management technology companies, we are able to provide a simplified and direct access solution to both travel management companies and businesses of any size. This adds significant value and extension of services for travel management companies and decreases the cost and here we are at firms that have previously been consumed with requests for proposals and tenders from multiple services providers&rdquo concluded Tony.

This new collaboration provides additional dashboard support and services to travel management companies while centralizing virtually all a firm’s travel risk management resources and procedures. By integrating into existing travel management systems and operations, companies may gain advantage from having greater control over how and when information and services are around to their business travellers. With travel health, safety and security obligations and concerns remaining an issue for business travellers, speed, simplicity and increased utilization will solve this problem for a lot of.

“A single, integrated entry way for travel management companies along with their clients that includes travel health, safety, security and assistance services is a significant advancement in field of online travel management” commented Darrin Grafton, CEO at Serko Limited. “From this single interface, travel administration, logistics and risk management might be managed and placed on travellers with an individual level, not merely by groups or broad categories including country of destination” he concluded.
This new partnering announcement by both companies&rsquo signals the initial phase inside a multi stage upgrade and repair enhancements. With selections for immediate online integration and legacy migration for manually processed travel requests, both companies believe this new solution will accelerate the undertake of touchless travel management and repair solutions in addition to empowering travel management companies to contribute right to travel health, safety and security education and assistance.

About Serko
Serko® On the internet is Asia-Pacific’s first and just integrated online corporate booking engine, expense management system and real-time financial reporting tool.
Utilising the most recent web client software for example Web Browser, Serko® On the web is a truly revolutionary browser-based system, which integrates with any TMC’s (Travel Management Companies), GDS (Global Distribution System) Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre. This permits any corporate client to get a truly transportable online solution which will integrate with their chosen TMC.

Serko® Online enables corporate customers to print or email travel documents, including an SMS (Short Message Service) feature for itineraries, and receive automated emailed e-tickets.

If you are a local travel agency dedicated to ensuring your corporate clients enjoy maximum cost and time efficiencies, or possibly a company that desires flexibility and control over your corporate travel needs, Serko® On the web is the fastest way to travel.
About Intelligent Travel
Intelligent Travel is surely an international travel risk management and concierge company providing on demand travel health, security and safety services. You can expect transactional and subscription based services via partner travel management companies and agents. Using a full online access and resources suite of services we enable travellers, travel managers or risk management professionals use of a significant variety of education, information, risk assessment and destination specific intelligence.

Your Custom Suzuki Swift

What you must know about Suzuki Swift Body Kits:

There are many options when it comes to body kits for your Suzuki Swift. There are different material used, designs, quality and prices. We have been sourcing and testing many kits for years now and unfortunately only come up  with a few that meet our and Suzuki’s high standards.

A quick Google search and you will find many kits that look amazing in the photos, the bad thing is based on our experience,  many of these kits are FRP (fibreglass) and are generally very wobbly and fit very poorly. When purchasing a kit it is easy to look at the nice picture add up the cost plus freight, estimate paint cost and imagine your pimped out Suzuki Swift driving down the road grabbing all the attention.

What is not seen however, are the endless hours of work in sanding, trimming, filing and test fitting over and over before the kit is ready to paint at an average cost of $70 per hour to get the kit from how it is delivered, to a standard that you will be happy with.

We have seen it many times. Members think they are getting a bargain, only to deliver their new kit to the panel shop whose job it is to make it fit and be confronted with a bill twice that of the initial quote due to all the quality and fit issues.

The reason that most of the kits available are dodgy is that here in Australia we expect the best, which is a good thing. Overseas (Many Asian countries where most kits are made) there expectations of the quality and fit of what a kit should be is far lower. The manufacturers make moulds very cheaply and have unskilled people making the kits, producing them in the 1000′s for a market with very low standards. 

The only way to secure quality is to deal with the big companies that invest upwards of $250,000 on aluminium moulds and use an injected plastic processes. This ensures every part is exactly the same, unlike the other way where there are many people doing the same thing and the quality comes down to there questionable skill and how they feel on the day.

We here at Swift Nation are extremely proud to deliver only the best quality and fitting kits on the planet. We source or invest in the manufacturing and design of all our Suzuki Swift body kits and all are made from either ABS or PP plastic. All our kits come with a lifetime warranty on their quality for any imperfections but also we offer a lifetime warranty on the finish and fit of all kits fitted by our team of professionals.

We hope this has been helpful from everyone here at Swift Nation.

Free Video games for Youngsters

When a baby’s birthday is across the corner, dad and mom start to worry. Each dad or mum has the responsibility of finding their kids the perfect birthday games. Such games supply the youngsters an important alternative for having fun whereas on the similar time studying new skills. If you have a limited funds but in search of the perfect experience to your kids, you possibly can think about free online games for kids. These kinds of games can be found from many kids-pleasant sites. The games cater for various interests your kids might need: from arcade to instructional ones to puzzles. Many of these online actions are educationally focused, whereas others supply logic ability building, drawback fixing challenges and much more. The benefits supplied by free online games for teenagers embody:
· No need to speculate money
With most video games costing money, it’s good news for parents to know they can purchase their youngsters a useful resource that does not require a cash investment. Free online games for teenagers make it doable for the youngsters to take pleasure in different types of online games without their dad and mom making a considerable investment. Many of these sites don’t demand a subscription, although among the sites may ask for registration through an electronic mail address. Some of the sites may supply free games for trial before shifting to a price schedule. Subsequently, dad and mom should be aware of these and avoid offering loads of info, significantly pertaining to payment. Dad and mom should as a substitute look out for sites that provide free games.
· Dietary supplements schooling
Most of the free online games for teenagers are educational. They cater for various age groups. Many of these sites present content that’s specific to a certain age, together with games for older youngsters, play for preschoolers and online ones for toddlers. The matters normally embody basic phonics, puzzles & logic games, early to advanced arithmetic, science, geography, language and typing. Dad and mom should select online games for teenagers to complement the youngsters’s studying venture. Nonetheless, the choice of game ought to be dependent on the wants of the child.

· Huge number of games to select from
Online free games for teenagers are more and more turning into popular. Because of this, many games have been designed. Though lots of the games give attention to instructional matters, newer games currently obtainable in the market address fashionable characters, themes and storyboards. The outcome is quite a lot of free online games which have the ability of holding the child engaged whereas enhancing necessary expertise for development.
We offer the perfect information about online free games for teenagers and birthday games for kids. For additional details please visit the supplied links.

Phrases of the Locksmith Occupation

Want to know what a slim-Jim is? It’s not a slender man named Jim or jimmy. It’s a lengthy, slender metal piece that is used for breaking into automobiles if the keys were forgotten inside, by pushing it inbetween the vehicle window and the frame and breaking through it from the inside. Since everyone can buy it at a store, car makers made it more challenging to bust into cars or trucks.

Are you aware of a device known as an lockpick gun? They are used to open pin tumbler locks, the most preferred kind of locks purchased in the United Sates.

Have you ever heard of a clutch headed screw? It’s a threaded screw with fixed clock wise action that works effectively in metal and wood. This screw is extraordinary in comparison to other screw employed by Locksmith technicians.

further salt lake city locksmith facts view - Locksmiths Harrisville 

If you wish to sound like a sophisticated man or woman, you should practice using the word escutcheon. You could make a very good impression on an important person you wish to attract with your locksmithing knowledge. Escutcheon is a key hole cover for a lock similar to a mortice. Mortice is a very weird word. It is a locksmithing method that exposes a lock’s trim and face plate, as well as setting the lock holder within a door slot or a cabinet.

Working as a locksmith includes a decent grasp of the English language. Spelling is essential too. Advancement might be dependent on knowing the spelling of the terms for a test or to be able to interact adequately on paper. It’s a positive step to become comfortable with the software and instruction books of the locksmithing industry, even prior to starting to be certified. It’s wise to remain refreshed in regards to advancements, for technology evolves extremely quick. An ongoing schooling is a part of the job for a dedicated locksmith.
When you are really good at the workings of the locksmith technician trade but experience problems with spelling, have a lexicon or thesaurus handy for the documentation aspect of the business. Transmitting the appropriate image on paperwork is critical for high profile business. If it is vital to send a a letter or an email to a business, your punctuation, grammar and spelling will put a harmful image on your business if it is improper and negative.
Sash, rose and spoon are as well exciting expressions in the locksmithing industry. These expressions are entertaining to engage in recreation with for they make the jargon more appealing to outsiders. They also make the locksmithing industry more exciting and more stylish.

For more details make sure you look at our article page by heading to this awe-inspiring link – Smart Key Locksmiths North Ogden

Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret – Roatan

Well the top kept secret of the Caribbean island of Roatan is not really. National Geographic published their Top Ten Pick of Best Summer Vacation Destinations and Roatan was their number nine pick.

This highly regarded magazine article is a large boost to tourism on Roatan and also a essential &ldquoshot in the arm&rdquo for that Roatan Real Estate industry. With all the continued support of United and Delta airlines providing direct flights to the island, tourists hunting for a new spot to vacation will discover simple to use to make departure date and enjoy their summer go away on the tropical island.

There is no shortage of things to do here in your stay. In addition to the usual scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing trips you find on the tropical island, there happens to be an 18 hole, Pete Dye designed,  championship greens called Black Pearl, perfectly located at the new community of Pristine Bay for the Northern Coast of Roatan. Bring your clubs and are avalable on down.

So if you are hunting for a Roatan vacation home to rent or purchase have a look at the website,  Roatan Living (

Can memory foam reduce my pain?


There are three major benefits to owning a memory foam mattress that have outweighed the expense for a growing number of people:


1. The memory foam mattress reduces pressure on important pressure points as a result of the body.


Pressure points are areas of your body with a large number of nerve endings that are often pressed on painfully by a traditional spring mattress. These spots are usually located in your neck, back, and thigh regions, where a traditional mattress pushes towards you the hardest.


Memory foam mattresses are made with an open cell foam, which means that when one cell is collapsed, it sends the pressure out as a result of small holes and into the adjoining cells. This means that the foam conforms to the body and reduces the pressure on you Though nevertheless being assistive. Your body weight is evenly distributed, so your neck and back will not rest at strange angles the way they do on a traditional mattress.


2. The temperature-sensitive memory foam responds to your body heat.


As your body heat warms up the cells around the mattress, will become more fluid and you will feel as if you are melting into the mattress. However, the foam beneath which is not warmed by your body heat will stay somewhat rigid and assist your weight evenly. This is why the memory foam mattress is so popular with sleep ridden patients in the medical industry.


3. You will not feel your companion move during the night.


If you’ve ever been awakened by your companion tossing and turning during the night, you’ll be relieved to know that this won’t happen any longer with a memory foam mattress. If your companion changes position during the night, the memory foam does not transfer the movement over distance the way a traditional mattress will. This is simply because the open cells do not transfer momentum.


4. A 10″ queen memory foam mattress will relieve back pain.


Many people suffer from back pain. This can be for various reasons, but is often caused by a combination of strain and the pressure placed on our spines every night by traditional mattresses. Mainly because a memory foam mattress conforms to the body and cradles it in softer material Though assisting it from beneath and to the sides of the body, no pressure is placed on the areas that are the most troublesome for back pain. This means waking up prepared for the day rather than rubbing your neck and wishing you had slept in a different position.


These days, a 10″ queen memory foam mattress is much less expensive than they used to be. Given all of the advantages of a memory foam mattress, it’s hard to justify not offering one a shot over the traditional spring mattress. Give it a try and see if it performs for you!


Studies show that sleep deprivation leads to weight gain, muscle aches, and reduced immunity. Unfortunately, most of us are more sleep deprived than we consider. Sometimes this can be blamed on our strain amounts or the food we eat, but often it can be blamed on our mattresses. The memory foam mattress has been innovative after years of the simple spring mattress, but really should you invest in one for yourself?

Earning Needed for Your Very Own Family Members at Your Home With Studying Doctor Transcription.

You can literally set your own pace and schedule with work-at-home medical transcription jobs.  This is one of the many benefits and features, and we cannot forget pleasures, of having an online typing job working as a medical transcriptionist (MT)!  Online medical transcription positions have been and will continue to be abundant.  The medical industry growth has necessitated the need for more and more new MTs to train and join the force.  Also, this has been the basis for many of the newer and better software packages that are being utilized by MTs and the companies employing them.  And this is largely done from the MTs home and over the Internet.  In fact, the MT can (and probably will) live in one particular state and provide transcription services for a Medical Transcription Service Organization (MTSO) that is based in another state.  And the chances and odds of the work the MT performs being done for a facility that is in yet another state are just as great!  The MT can easily and readily forget hassles that were once a setback and hindrance to their productivity and now concentrate solely on productivity and the resultant ultimately humongous paychecks!  There are success stories galore, and all are true!  So much can and will become of what some may consider very little in the way of expense towards training in this field!  Pick any one of the outstanding benefits of being a medical transcriptionist and most other jobs will pale in comparison!  For example, setting your own work schedule to fit into your household routine and lifestyle, and with hardly skipping a beat, is enough to draw you into the MT industry without even another blink! Try here!

Consider another very real and most valid and important benefit made available to MTs with work-at-home medical transcription jobs!  Consider the capability of being able to care for your children yourself rather than leaving that beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity to someone else.  And what is even more sad is that other person or childcare center really will not feel anywhere near the elation you will when your child takes his or her first steps, if they even notice at all.  Consider the mere safety of taking a child or infant to a daycare center now days anyway.  Quite terrifying when you dare watch the media!  Both parents working has become a common necessity also now days in that families require two incomes, or even one income that will meet the financial needs of the family.  This financial requirement forfeits so much for the modern family.  Well, how can one simple profession help all but eliminate so much of this?  Simple!  Medical transcription is a needed, steadily growing, vital, and very lucrative professional field that people are gravitating towards in droves – and not just in the last few years!  This has been going on for decades and is still projected to be the number one profession to enter for the next nearly ten or so years! 

You can write your own list of how it would benefit you or you and your family financially, physically, and emotionally if you had a work-at-home medical transcription position!  Think gas, clothes, eat-out lunches, daycare, commuting time, to just name a few, and you will readily be able to identify significant savings to your budget by knocking these unnecessary and high expenses out of the saddle!  Take hold of the reins yourself!  Be your own boss!  Run the show!  Run your life and enjoy it finally and for a change.  Welcome home your partner or the kids from school with a warm meal!  Serve hot tea or ginger ale to the beloved sick family member and comfort them with your parental care and touch!  Oh, the joys and comforts of raising your own, caring for your spouse yourself, and no longer throwing your time away at an office to make money you will throw away on unnecessary expenses anyway!  Look at it this way, and it really does not make too much sense!  Well, it didn’t make sense to many other people either, and so they became MTs!  Not just a quick fix, but a permanent fix!  The ultimate fix!  The ultimate solution and profession you will want to be a part of for many years to come!  Yes, this is true – you will actually enjoy your work as much as you do being able to perform it from home!

Write your own paycheck, without owning the company?  Well, that is a novel idea as well, would you not agree?  It is true, however.  The trained and skillful MT can and will generate income based on personal goals and needs they, themselves, set forth and work toward.  This, of course, is dependent upon the training beforehand through certification in medical transcription to ensure you are ready and capable of producing quality work along with the quantity it takes to produce the exact salary you set for yourself!  The truth is, it really does not require you to “break your back” in order to generate a more than comfortable yearly income!  The paychecks (plus the savings from working at home) increase steadily and quickly for the skillful MT who knows how to make the best of their time, and who also knows and takes advantage of just when their prime productivity time is.  This is flexible and always convenient once you get into a comfortable routine that you set up for yourself!  There cannot be enough said about working from home, just as there cannot be enough said about the marvelous positions held by trained and skillful MTs!  The positions for the work-at-home skilled MT are plentiful and just waiting to be filled by those willing to train. 

The training itself can economical and accomplished fairly quickly through the right school with a team of qualified MTs as their staff instructors and mentors!  Settling for a computer-generated school setting and communicating with that computer to try and learn medical transcription is akin to learning all about music and how to play the piano, for example, from a mechanic, or vice versa (unless, of course, your mechanic is an accomplished musician or your MT trainer just happens to be an accomplished mechanic – both scenarios of which could be possible, but not likely – you get the picture)!  So, why settle for anyone or anything less than training under the watchful eye and skillful hands of an actual MT who has spent years and years doing what you are trying to learn.  You will find that the more reasonably priced schools will generally have just such expert MTs as your trainers, coaches, and mentors, because the league of MTs, as it is informally and fondly called, has formed, over the years, a strong kinship with fellow MTs through common-ground interest and dedication to the profession.  These are the schools, courses, and instructors you should seek out and accept nothing less!  A computer-generated score will in no way tell you what you did wrong with any reasonable concern or explanation or insight into why and how you made this mistake or how to avoid it in the future!  A live mentor will! 

Through the caring hands and expert methods of training new students, the schools of choice will take you through a self-paced course of study and make available to you every possible means for the best training experience you can find, online or otherwise such as on campus!  However, the preference today is studying medical transcription online as it is just as streamlined as the work you will perform as an MT is itself!